A selection committee is a group of people who are responsible for selecting the best candidates for a particular position. They typically include members from the community, as well as a variety of professionals who have expertise in the area in which they are choosing applicants. This allows them to make the most informed decision possible and ensures that the right person is chosen for the job. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that all of the candidates are given equal opportunity to be considered.

The committee has 25 members, representing the full membership of the IMF and World Bank, plus the Managing Director of the IMF. Its role is to oversee the work of both organizations. The committee is led by a chair, who sets the rules and reminds members of their obligations. The chair must also ensure that conflict of interest rules are followed. The chair may delegate some of these duties, but must remain accountable to the other committee members.

The selection process is based on a number of factors, including the athletes’ age and their level of competition. In addition, the committee takes into account the strength of an athlete’s D-scores and the amount of time that they have spent competing. The committee also evaluates the athletes’ overall scores and their consistency in each event. They will take all of this into consideration when making their decision.

Choosing a good member of the selection committee is very important. The committee should be comprised of individuals who are able to offer their perspective and bring a lot of enthusiasm to the search process. The members should also have the necessary qualifications and experience to do the job effectively.

Each candidate for a spot on the selection committee must be approved by the IOC. They must also meet the minimum requirements for eligibility to compete in a certain sport. This includes having a valid passport and completing a medical examination. The committee members are also required to attend meetings and keep accurate records.

The Selection Committee vets each city’s bid to become the WDC. The committee evaluates each city based on several criteria, including the opportunity to use design to foster economic development; the capacity to organize and finance a year-long program of events; and the ability to mobilize the local design community and large sectors of the population. The Selection Committee has a broad range of expertise, spanning fields such as urban planning, design anthropology and industrial design. The panel also includes experts from the public and private sector, as well as academics from a variety of disciplines.