Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is the committee that makes the final decisions on which candidates will be elected to the Hall of Fame. The process of evaluating candidates is conducted independently by each member of the Committee.

The criteria used to evaluate applicants for a particular position must be clearly defined and understood by all members of the committee. These criteria may include the degree of knowledge, skills and abilities that are relevant to the position. They should also identify the critical competencies that are required for effective performance in the position.

It is important that members of the Selection Committee have a variety of perspectives in order to minimize any bias. This can be achieved by including representatives from a wide range of staff levels, employee groups and departments.

In addition, the committee should be composed of individuals from different geographic locations so that the team has a wide perspective of how the position is perceived at the University level. It is also advisable to have a diversity of ages and ethnicities on the committee to ensure that all viewpoints are represented.

Each member should be willing and able to participate actively in the search process and offer sufficient time, enthusiasm and energy for the task at hand. It is also recommended that all members understand and adhere to the EEO guidelines before being charged with the search.

The Selection Committee is responsible for providing a list of eligible nominees to the Coach/Contributor and Seniors Committees. This includes carry-over nominations from previous years, first-time eligible candidates and any outside source of nominations.

A selection committee typically meets in January to review nominations and select the finalists for election to the Hall of Fame. Currently, the selection committee elects between four and eight new enshrinees each year.

There is no set number of new enshrinees and they are elected by a majority vote of the selection committee. The committee’s ground rules state that all nominees are carefully evaluated and must receive approval from at least 80% of the full Committee to be elected.

In addition, all ballots are collected and counted by an accounting firm. No vote totals are announced.

The selection committee also decides the order in which candidates are elected to the Hall of Fame. The finalists are then sent to the Selectors for their final consideration.

If a member has any connections to the school being considered, they must be recused from both voting and discussion. This is to avoid the temptation of forming an opinion based on the committee’s inclination towards a particular school, such as their alma mater or a team that they support.

The selection committee will make decisions on candidates based on a combination of their individual and group preferences, as well as the needs and interests of the University. The committee should be willing to consider all of the available information, such as an applicant’s academic record, work history and other factors.