During your second round interview, focus on “why me?” as this is the stage where the selection committee will identify the best fit. While this interview is not the end of the road, you should try to provide a good impression of yourself and the organization. Whether you are hired or not, it is a great opportunity to network and learn more about the company. After all, no one is going to turn down the chance to meet new people.

Selection Committee

Selection committees are made up of diverse members, and the chairperson is generally the person responsible for recruiting and coordinating the selection process. As such, the University of Alberta’s Human Resource Services team has created a selection committee toolkit and online training module to help guide members in their work. Regardless of the position you’re applying for, the selection committee should follow the code of conduct, which is based on five core values: inclusion, fairness, respect, and excellence.

Nominating and selecting committee members must complete an interest form. A nominating committee can consist of a diverse group of faculty members, administrators, and staff. The process is facilitated by a chairperson. The chairperson is responsible for recruitment and coordination. The Human Resources Services team also developed an online training module for selection committee members. All selection committee chairs and committee members are required to complete the training each year. The training focuses on the University’s code of conduct, which includes five core values that guide a selection committee.

The Selection Committee’s role is to select applicants for a position. Members of the committee are appointed by the relevant APS unit. The composition of the committee is determined by the bylaws of the respective units. All members of the selection committee must be confirmed within a few weeks of their appointment. In addition to the selection committee’s role, the Chairperson should also complete a professional conduct disclosure. This information is important for the committee’s decision-making.

Membership on a selection committee is voluntary and open to all members. A selection committee is formed under the bylaws of a related APS unit. The composition of the committee will vary from unit to unit, but the members are required to attend yearly training. The training will also help the members understand the rules and ethics of being a member of a selection committee. There are five core values of an academic institution, and each committee member should possess all of them.

The Selection Committee consists of members of the Senate. Its job is to select the members of the Provisional Legislative Council and the first chief executive of the country. The committee also selects bills for the committee. The role of the Selection Committee is primarily to choose the candidates to serve on the Committee. Its members will represent the diversity of the faculty and the community. The purpose of a committee is to make sure that the candidates are selected based on their skills and experience.