Committee News

The News Committee of the EBU represents the interests of news operations across the membership. The group is interdisciplinary in nature and encourages dialogue, cooperation and innovation in news gathering. The committee also facilitates the exchange of best practices among news operations. The members of the News Committee share their experience in the field, and its mission is to advance the public interest through news and media.

The committee is expected to hear more public testimony in the coming weeks. The hearings are expected to feature “substantive footage” of the riot and testimony from “significant” witnesses. Chairman Schiff declined to disclose any details about the hearings, but said that it could be one of the last before a final report is released. Other hearings have already featured testimony from a variety of former Trump aides. These individuals have detailed the state of mind of President Donald Trump before the Jan. 6 riot, as well as his mood during the riot.

There are many different committees within the Senate. Each of these committees has its own web page, containing information on the current membership, past meetings and advice. The select committees webpage also provides information on submissions and meeting agendas. They’re an excellent resource to stay informed about the latest developments in the world of politics.

A number of issues were addressed during the meeting, including the need to develop a COVID-related health and safety policy. The Permanent COVID-related policy will be presented to the Faculty Senate for approval in the Fall. The UC also approved a slate of faculty nominees to the Provost Search & Screen Committee. Professor N. Rothfels, the current Chair, will step down effective June 13 and be replaced by Mark D. Schwartz as chair for the 2022-2023 academic year.