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The Latest From the EBU News Committee

The EBU News Committee is a cross-section of media professionals whose primary focus is to promote cooperation between news operations. The committee’s membership is interdisciplinary and reflects the breadth of news activities across the organization’s member states. Members of the Committee provide insight into media best practices and discuss ways to improve news gathering and dissemination. A recent Post series detailed the fusion center and D.C. intelligence warnings. The group hopes to create a dialogue among news operations by facilitating a wide range of viewpoints.

The Committee News website is a great resource for a daily digest of committee activity. It provides an overview of upcoming hearings and meetings and highlights any issues of concern to members. The Office of Congressional Affairs consults with the following congressional committees on a variety of issues. The website also features links to documents from the Committee’s subpoenas. Listed below are the latest updates regarding each committee. In addition, the site features the most relevant and up-to-date news about the upcoming hearings and public meetings.

The MSC is authorized to direct and oversee internal investigations conducted by the Department of Justice. The Committee is also tasked with implementing recommendations from the Select Committee. Its recommendations include encouraging greater civility, expanding access to legislative documents in machine-readable formats, and enacting a bipartisan retreat for members. The list goes on. While the MSC isn’t a lawmaking body, its actions support the public interest and the right to freedom of speech.

While the UC Board of Regents is examining the new standardized scheduling policy, a few issues remain. The first issue is the representation of academic staff. The proposed new policy is intended to allow more flexibility for students and better access to necessary classes. However, some instructors have said that the notification of positive COVID tests has been inconsistent. A second issue involves the inclusion of non-white citizens in the committee’s work. Nevertheless, the UC board has taken the necessary steps to protect the public by allowing individuals to serve on such committees.

The AAFEC met last week to discuss new GER requirements and the proposed targeted hiring process. After a meeting, the AAFEC reported that all five of its members had completed interviews for the DEI VC position. They also discussed the development of a new human resources search committee. The AVC will need to submit the proposed changes to the Faculty Senate to gain approval. A member of the AAFEC is also required to attend every meeting of the board.

The two committees are closely connected and share many interests. For example, the Health Committee is responsible for overseeing the health of New Yorkers. The other committees include the Education and Labor committees. The Senate’s Education and Labor is responsible for funding higher education. It also considers legislation regarding abortion, immigration, and other issues affecting the public. The State Board of Directors is responsible for the health of all New Yorkers. It will also take care of bills that affect hospitals, doctors, and state agencies.