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SCN’s founding members include Julie Collier, an ex-RNZ broadcaster and editor-in-chief of the website. She has extensive knowledge of the House and Executive, and is supported by a fellow director, a former chief press secretary for the Beehive. Members of Parliament also rely on the Committee to deliver timely and relevant content. The organisation also employs hundreds of support staff within the Parliamentary complex, so you’re sure to get the information you’re looking for.

The Republican-led select committee investigating the 2012 attack on the Capitol is expected to release a report focusing on the security measures in place to protect the nation. If Republicans regain the House, this report could be released. Meanwhile, Democrats will likely try to block the release of the report. However, this unlikely scenario is hardly a sure thing. The AP hasn’t confirmed the authenticity of the message, but multiple sources who know Perry said that it was sent from his cellphone.

A House select committee investigating the Capitol Hill riots has been conducting its work behind closed doors and is expected to release its interim report later this summer. Despite its many twists and turns, the committee’s investigation has generated numerous headlines, as the committee claims to have information from multiple sources. The report will likely reveal what happened on Capitol Hill and the role played by then-President Donald Trump and his allies. There is a big question mark hanging over the investigation, however.

Nancy Pelosi announced plans to create a select committee to investigate the attack on the Capitol. Pelosi blasted Senate Republicans for blocking the bipartisan commission and blocking floor debate on it. The Senate Republicans are also blocking the commission legislation, which is the first filibuster since President Biden took office. These efforts will help Pelosi’s efforts to reach out to conservative audiences. The next question is whether or not the House Democrats will accept a report from the bipartisan commission.