Committee News

If you’re a Trump fan, you might have heard of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. It’s an oversight committee that’s been investigating for 18 months the attacks on the U.S. Capitol and dozens of other crimes. The panel reviewed a number of hearings, gathered testimony, and interviewed thousands of witnesses. Their report is expected to be released this week. However, it is not clear if it will include everything the committee learned. Some members of the panel said that they might not release information in its entirety.

One of the most infamous pieces of evidence came from a memo written by a man named John Eastman. He claimed to have been providing legal advice to then-President Trump on ways to reverse the 2020 election results. His two-page memo discussed a variety of tactics to do just that. Unfortunately, the document never was fully vetted by the White House.

One of the other notable pieces of evidence was a trove of text messages that were obtained by the Talking Points Memo. They contained a variety of messages between the White House, its staff, and its allies. These were largely unpublished until today.

The committee was also able to obtain phone records of President Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. These records were then sent to the Justice Department. According to the committee, the Justice Department is likely to sift through the documents and consider them in its investigations.

Another piece of evidence was a video of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The video was recorded on August 4, 2018. This video was obtained from a number of sources. In addition to the video, the Associated Press released audio from former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s deposition, and Hope Hicks gave a damaging interview to the panel.

Other noteworthy items were the committee’s recommendation of criminal referrals, and the 17 findings it uncovered. Among these is a recommendation that the House Intelligence Committee indict President Trump, investigate four Republicans, and overhaul the 1887 Electoral Count Act. Additionally, the House Oversight Panel recommended a congressional investigation into the matter.

The full committee report is expected to be a beast of a beast, spanning hundreds of pages. The report’s eight chapters are expected to cover a variety of topics, and will be published in a number of different formats. The committee’s report is also expected to feature numerous recommendations.

The House Oversight Committee has been a busy bee over the past 18 months. They’ve held a series of high-profile hearings. While some of the proceedings were criticized by some, it seems that the House panel was able to get a broader picture of the situation and identify the most egregious allegations. On Monday, the committee announced that it would make a number of its findings public. For example, the committee found that President Trump instructed his White House photographer not to take photos. The committee also found that a slew of federal prosecutors are currently pursuing efforts by President Trump to overturn the election of Joe Biden in 2020.