Committee News

Committee News

The Texas Legislature Online is your one-stop shop for the latest committee news, including meeting schedules, video and audio archives of past hearings, and information on select committees that examine a wide range of topics. You can also find links to the latest legislation and policy news, as well as access to legislative documents and the official government directory.

Select Committees

Each House select committee has a website with information on membership, schedules and process. In addition, each committee has a subcommittee portal with links to the latest news on its activities and resources.

Oversight and Reform

Among the responsibilities of the Committee on Oversight and Reform is to keep our democracy working properly by preventing waste, fraud and abuse and ensuring that government operations run efficiently and effectively. In this role, the committee oversees and advises the public, government and news media on Freedom of Information, Open Meetings and Personal Privacy Protection laws and provides training to help people exercise their rights.

Committee On Media and Communications

The Committee on Media and Communications is responsible for advising the news media about how to report accurate, timely, and impartial news and information on government issues and activities in a manner that is free from political interference or bias. The committee offers guidance in response to phone inquiries and prepares written legal advisory opinions on specific sets of facts and circumstances.

Committee on Science and Technology

The committee on science and technology is responsible for recommending policy solutions to improve the nation’s energy efficiency and conservation, promote innovation, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is also charged with providing guidance to the public and the government on ways to improve scientific research and develop new technologies that will enhance our lives. The committee identifies and tracks cutting-edge scientific research, conducts surveys of the public to identify trends in science and technology and makes recommendations to the government about the best use of scarce government funds. The committee also works to protect our public health and safety by identifying and responding to threats involving chemicals, radiation, biological agents and radioactive materials.