Selection Committee

Selection Committees are comprised of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. Each committee is led by a chairperson, who is responsible for coordinating the selection process. HRS has developed an online training module that all selection committee chairpersons must complete annually. All members are also encouraged to take this training.

Candidates should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled interview time. It is recommended to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. However, if invited to interview, candidates should not wear a business suit. This is because the selection committee will not be able to see how they look in a suit. Therefore, candidates should wear clothes that will not cling to them or create a distraction during the interview.

The members of the Selection Committee must be able to provide unbiased and objective feedback about applicants. They should also have sufficient knowledge about the job and the type of person being sought. They must also be able to determine the criteria for rating applications and form questions based on the criteria. After assessing each candidate’s qualifications, the committee will submit a report to the delegate. After the delegate has approved the preferred candidate, the members of the Selection Committee should communicate with the candidate before the formal offer is made.

Members of the Selection Committee should be as diverse as possible to minimize the risks of bias. They should represent a range of perspectives, including those of supervisors, peers, clients, and other key stakeholders. They should also be diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, and functional expertise. This helps eliminate the possibility of racial bias or gender bias.