Selection Committee

Selection committees are a critical step in the hiring process. They provide the different perspectives necessary to make the right decisions. This is important because hiring the wrong candidate can cost the organization a lot of money, time and effort.

The Selection Committee is made up of coaches, former players and college administrators. This group of professionals is responsible for determining the teams that will play in the NCAA Tournament.

It is also responsible for deciding which teams will be in the College Football Playoffs. Its members are selected from the various conferences and consists of 13 individuals.

They will use a variety of criteria to determine the team rankings and decide which teams are eligible to compete in the playoffs. This includes strength of schedule, conference results, head-to-head results, common opponents and a variety of other factors.

In order to prevent bias in the selection process, it is crucial that the Selection Committee have a diverse membership. The committee should include employees, clients and supervisors. This is a good way to ensure that no one decision maker has a bias towards or against any particular applicant.

Applicants must be informed about the selection process and how it works prior to the committee meeting. They should also be able to answer questions and explain the position requirements in a thorough manner. This will help the committee to avoid making any mistakes and selecting the correct candidates for the positions.

The committee members should be trained on the role of a selection committee and how they are to make unbiased decisions. It is very important to complete this training on a regular basis to ensure that each member of the committee knows their role and can make decisions based on the facts.

Selections for the Hall of Fame are made each year at a meeting called the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. This is a process that requires at least 80% of the full committee to vote for a candidate.

There are a minimum of four to eight new enshrinees chosen every year. These candidates are thoroughly reviewed and must receive a minimum 80% affirmative vote to be elected.

Selectors are provided detailed biographies of the Finalists before the meeting. During the meeting, each Finalist is discussed before a series of reduction votes are taken.

Reduction ballots are conducted, where the Selectors are asked to reduce each Modern-Era Player Finalist list from 15 to 10 and Coach/Contributor and Senior candidates from 15 to 5. Each reduction vote is secret. The ballots are then counted and the winners of the reduction ballots are revealed to the Selectors and the Hall’s representatives at the conclusion of the Hall of Fame Selection Meeting.

The finalists for each category of the Hall of Fame are then voted on by the Selectors, and the winning candidates are voted into the Hall. Each person must receive at least 80% of the vote in order to be elected into the Hall.