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Committee News is an e-zine, online informational web site offering members of Congress, campaign staff, journalists, social media, academics, consultants, and others with breaking news about upcoming events. News can be sent through e-mail or fax and includes topics of politics, religion, education, technology, entertainment, business, sports, and much more. The list is regularly monitored and updated to give the members the latest information on key issues.

Committee News has grown rapidly in popularity over the past year. It is offered by an Internet company called Alert News. In addition, it is funded through a J.D. degree from the University of Southern California.

You will find a forum and chat room on the Site. There you can discuss political issues with other like-minded people who share your interests. You can also make new friends and exchange information regarding your common causes and concerns. There are many regular features on the Committee News such as polls and new stories.

Many political pundits and members of Congress subscribe to Committee News. This is because they understand its value in terms of keeping them informed of the goings on of their committees and House and Senate chambers. Candidates for elective offices regularly send out press releases and add them to the Committee News. Lawmakers and judges frequently post their court filings, and important legislation is regularly added to the site. Indeed, Committee News offers the most comprehensive and current information available on any given topic.

As it is maintained by a private company, Committee News does not disclose the specific content for the public to see. However, one can readily assume that some stories are about controversial topics of the day, such as the firings of political appointees at the White House, the Iran nuclear deal negotiations, the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, the Las Vegas shooting, the attempted coup d’etat in Egypt, the deadly stampede in Malaysia, the deadly stampede in Spain, the unfolding of the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the numerous political impasse in Washington, D.C. These stories, along with breaking news on various political battles that have been occurring both domestically and abroad, help gauge the momentum of upcoming elections and potential policy changes.

A number of news sources provide Committee News, including newspapers, radio stations, cable television, Internet news sources, and news agencies across the globe. While the majority of news agencies today publish news items online, the Committee News website is exclusive and allows for members only access to the forum. If you are interested in being a member of the Committee News community, you will have to pay a nominal annual fee. The costs are modestly priced and comparable to the fees charged by similar sites for similar products and services. In order to gain access to the forum, members must complete an application form.