World Selection Committee

Massachusetts International Womens Baseball Team to Participate in World Selection Committee

Each year the World Selection Committee produces a shortlist of the players who are going to be playing in the World Series for the right to represent their nation. If you’re a big fan of the game then you probably already know that the World Selection Committee do a great job of choosing the very best players from all over the world every year. However, do you know what they look at when they make their shortlist? In this article I’m going to tell you a little bit about what goes into the World Selection Committee’s decisions.

The World Selection Committee comes up with a shortlist of 12 players each year. Of course this is down to how many qualified players from each country the Executive Coach for a particular National Association is looking for. For example if there is only one National Association in the World Series this year than there’s only one player from that National League that is going to be considered for the World Series. This means that all other National Leagues has to elect a candidate to the World Series from their own executive committee. So the actual World Selection Committee can make a very informed decision about who they think should represent their nation in the next World Series.

The latest list of players that have been chosen for the 2021 World Series is dominated by two of the top players in the world in female cricketing. South Africa’s Deora van Zuiden and Australia’s Catharine Woolnocking are considered to be two of the favorites for the World Series. They are both backed up by major endorsements from companies like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and Puma. With such a huge support behind them it’s no wonder that both of these players have been given their fair chance to represent their countries at the World Level this year. But this doesn’t mean that they have been picked at random or that they haven’t been improved by their professional coaches.

After all the hard work from the previous World Selection Committee the International Women’s Cricket Association has had to deal with what is considered a poor showing at the Cricket World Cup this year. Only three teams made it to the knockout stage of the tournament. While some criticized the selection process for not picking enough teams to compete at the higher levels, others believed that things are looking up for the sport in Massachusetts. “We definitely have a lot of potential stars in our pool for the next few years,” said Massachusetts Girls Professional Cricketers Association vice president Kim Westwood. “So we’re not putting down the baseball bats just yet.”

Another part of the business of the Massachusetts International women’s baseball team involves the promotion of upcoming events. This year saw the implementation of a brand new marketing campaign, which included a book signing event at Fenway Park in Boston. The signing of several books by prominent female authors such as Sally Quinn, Kate Losey and Beverly Leon with special guest speakers including Governor Charlie Baker and Johnston presented the opportunity to promote the upcoming season of games. “This was a huge boost for the sport here in Massachusetts,” said Westwood.

It was also revealed during the World Selection Committee meeting that the previous year’s world champions had requested that they be allowed to return for another chance at the World Baseball Classic. Sources say that the World Select Committee is reviewing this request and may issue a statement to that effect soon. Although the odds are against the possibility of a team returning to participate in the WBC, the fact that the previous year’s champions became World Champions should give anyone who thinks about it some hope. The previous team successfully defended their title with an overtime game versus Japan, which mean that they are not finished proving themselves yet. If the odds are in their favor then the possibility of a Massachusetts team winning the WBC is very likely.