Selection Committee

The Selection Committee should be made up of a variety of people who have a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. Ideally, these individuals should come from a variety of sectors, including peers, clients, and supervisors. The members should also reflect the human diversity of the applicant pool. For this reason, the members should be selected with careful attention to the recruitment process. The purpose of a selection committee is to hire the best person for the job, not the one who looks the most like the CEO.

The Selection Committee comprises 18 members who meet in Cambridge early in February. The committee interviews applicants in the morning and awards four scholarships that same day. Two alternates are selected for the remaining scholarships. They may also add other requirements as they see fit. The Committee may also include graduate students. They make a formal recommendation to the Dean. In rare cases, an alternate may be added to the committee. In any case, the selection committee will make its recommendation in writing to the Dean.

The selection committee is appointed in accordance with Standing Order 222 (PDF, 736KB). It specifies the program of business on Mondays, including private Members’ business and bills to be referred to committees. However, this Standing Order ceased to exist at the time of the House of Representatives dissolution on 11 April 2022. Therefore, no more submissions can be received for this position. If you are interested in serving on a Selection Committee, please fill out the volunteer form. The appointment process starts after the Annual Conference or Midwinter Meeting.

Once the selection committee has shortlisted candidates, the Dean will ask for letters of reference from these individuals. The selection committee will meet again to interview these candidates. The Dean will then determine the number of candidates for interview. During the interview process, the Dean will decide the number of applicants for each position. This process typically takes about a month. It is important to remember that there are no exceptions to these guidelines. If you are concerned about the selection process, you should seek legal counsel from a qualified attorney.

Defining the length of the interview is important. The length of the interview depends on the number of questions you ask and the amount of time you spend getting information from the candidate. An hour-long interview is often sufficient for a thorough review. Everyone is busy these days. Therefore, defining the length of the interview process is essential for both the Selection Committee and the candidate. If you do not specify a specific length, the interview could end up taking longer than the intended timeframe.

The selection committee holds its first meeting on 28 May and will examine three questions. Following this meeting, further meetings will take place during the first and second weeks of Conference. A vote will be held on Tuesday, 5 June. All artists residing in Florida are eligible to participate in this process. A full list of criteria and application deadlines can be found in the city’s website. Once you submit your application, make sure to keep these deadlines in mind.