Selection Committee of Board of Education is the group of people who are responsible for choosing the Chairperson of a school. The process consists of the creation of a ‘Selection Committee’ to shortlist candidates, while the makeup of the selection committee would differ with the type of organization of the school and would consist of a member from the clergy of the organization, the principal of the educational division, the teachers or head teacher, the person who has responsibility for classroom management, and other teachers and students who may be specialised in a certain subject. Candidates can apply for the post of Chairperson of Selection Committee either by sending their curriculum vitae, application letter and resume to the concerned department, or by sending their references with the application form. It is important for the Selection Committee to carry out a detailed background study before appointing a person as Chairperson of Selection Committee. After the selection of the Chairperson of Selection Committee, the next step would be to register the name of that person in the school register book.

Selection Committee

Procedure of School Register is an integral part of school selection committee and all the candidates should be made known to the committee so that they can prepare their answers in due time. Selection Criteria for a school register includes the academic, athletic, social and personality qualities, which are an essential part of making the right selection criteria. It also includes the knowledge about the school, the functioning of the school and the facilities provided by the school. The selection criterion of a school includes the academic qualifications of candidates, which should include TOEFL scores, GMAT scores or equivalent, and letters of recommendation from teachers, parents or guardians and other institutions. The interview questions should be asked in such a manner so that there would be no confusion at the end.

There are many organizations, which conduct recruitment for these types of committees and they offer a wide range of services to suit the needs of organizations. They also offer a lot of information regarding the procedures involved in making the final selection. Many companies hire the services of these organizations to select their candidates. These companies have a list of candidates who have been short-listed by them and they are informed about the procedure followed by the interviewers. Various organizations also provide coaching to the candidates during the interview process so that they do not make mistakes that may cost them the job.

There are a lot of advantages of using the services of these companies for making the final hiring selection committee. The most important advantage is that these firms use their experience in screening and selecting candidates to give fair and just decision. These firms also help in providing feedback on the interviews conducted to evaluate the candidate’s performance. This helps the hiring committee in making final decisions which benefit both the employer and the candidate.

Selection committees have the power to remove candidates based on the feedback given by all the candidates and this helps the employers to reduce the number of resumes to be sent to the Human Resources Department. A large number of companies use the services of recruitment agencies for this purpose and this is one of the most important things to remember. Many recruiters believe that by taking the help of these organizations, they can filter out the inappropriate candidates. Recruitment agencies have their own set of selection criteria and they do not accept any candidate unless they meet their own set of selection criteria.

Some recruitment consultants believe that the best time to initiate selection committees is when the company is looking for new additions. This helps the hiring committee to weed out the unsuitable candidates and choose those who are the best. The best time to hold a recruitment meeting or workshop is after the end of the summer season. This helps the new additions feel comfortable and relaxed and the level of competition will be much less during this period.