If you are a member of a committee, you can submit news about your committee for inclusion in the e-newsletter. All you need to submit is a short paragraph with a title and a maximum of 1000 characters, or around 200 words. The committee will select the best submissions and publish them online. After all, the aim of the newsletter is to inform the members of the Committee about your activities and progress. This newsletter is free to subscribe to and will include the most recent news from your committee.

You can receive the latest news from the Committee News by email. You can also follow the committee’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also get the latest updates from the committee’s website and newsletter. The Committee News section is constantly updated with information on the most important issues affecting librarians. Check back often for new updates! You’ll find links to the latest reports, events, and other news regarding your committee. You can even follow the committee on Twitter!

The Advocacy & Public Policy Committee is the first committee to produce a news alert. This newsletter provides members with timely, relevant, and up-to-date information on governmental actions and issues relating to social justice. Its goal is to inform the membership of ARLIS/NA about these issues, and to foster discussion about them. The purpose of the alerts is to spark conversations, and to bring up recent news items from many different perspectives. It’s important to note that the reports produced by the committees are not necessarily those of the ARLIS or its board.

Advocacy & Public Policy Committee News Alerts are published to support the mission of the committee, and to provide information to ARLIS/NA members. The goal of the bulletin is to stimulate discussion, and the news is intended to present a variety of perspectives. The contents are not the views of the ARLIS Board of Directors. But they are meant to be conversation starters. It’s important to understand that the articles published by the committees do not necessarily reflect those of the organization.

Committees also share their news alerts, and these are designed to inform the membership of current events and developments related to the committee’s mission. The Advocacy & Public Policy committees publish a monthly newsletter that includes news from their respective committees. Some of the articles are written in English and others in Spanish. Most of the reports are in German. They include both English and Spanish versions. If you have a question about a particular issue, you can send a message to the person who wrote the letter.

The EBU News Committee represents the interests of all news operations in the EBU and is composed of interdisciplinary members who are involved in news gathering. The committee members work together to share best practices and exchange media expertise. By joining the e-newsletter, you will be able to stay informed about the latest issues and trends in the industry. While it may be difficult to keep up with all the news, the committees’ efforts are worthwhile and a valuable contribution to the ARLIS community.