Selection Committee

The Harvard-Cambridge Selection Committee oversees all aspects of the admissions process, from information sessions for potential students to reviewing applications and conducting interviews. The Committee consists of the chairs of both the Governance and Selection Committees, with a subset conducting first-round interviews in late January, and ultimately selecting 12 finalists. A full description of each position is available at the Selection Committee’s website. You can also contact the chair of your committee to get more information about the process.

The purpose of a selection committee is to provide a range of perspectives on the hiring process, minimising the risk of bias. Ideally, the members of a selection committee include individuals from different perspectives, including those of the applicant pool. These members may be colleagues, supervisors, clients, or other key stakeholders. Selection committee members should be as diverse as possible and pay close attention to human diversity in order to provide a variety of perspectives on the applicant pool.

If you wish to attend a City Selection Committee meeting, you can sign up for email notifications. The County government will send you notifications about upcoming meetings via email. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time. Meetings are also available in audio and video. The City Selection Committee’s clerk maintains meeting materials and audio/video recordings online. You can find agendas and other important information online, and you can attend in person if you prefer.

In addition to MPs, there are Lords Select Committees. They do not shadow government departments, but instead investigate specialist areas, taking advantage of their expertise and time. The results of these inquiries are often published in the public domain, and many require a response from the government. Commons Select Committees examine spending, policies, and administration. The Lords Select Committees focus on specific issues and report their findings within a parliamentary year. A select committee can also set up Special Inquiry Committees to investigate a specific issue.