The Chair of a Selection Committee is responsible for coordinating the selection process. Normally, the person responsible for recruiting is on the committee. The Human Resource Services team developed a toolkit and online training module that is required for all selection committee chairs and members each year. These modules address topics that can affect the effectiveness of the committee and are designed to help you make the best decision for your organization. These resources are designed to help you prepare for the job and avoid the common mistakes of selecting the wrong person for the position.

Before forming a selection committee, make sure you understand the purpose and expectations for the position. The aim of the committee is to select the right candidate for a particular position. Ensure the process is fair and transparent for everyone. In some cases, a sub-committee may be formed to shortlist a candidate for further consideration. Once again, make sure to explain to each member of the selection committee the confidentiality rules of the University.

The members of a Selection Committee should be knowledgeable about the nature of their role. They must be able to fairly evaluate applications on their merit. They may be asked to form a sub-committee for shortlisting and evaluating applicants. As a member of the committee, you must accept University confidentiality rules. As a member of the selection committee, you should be respectful of all the members. You should take the time to introduce yourself to them.

Before you begin the selection process, make sure all committee members know about the role and what the criteria are. If you are not sure about the qualifications of each applicant, appoint an expert to review them. They should be familiar with these points to make the best decision. You should also agree to the terms of reference if you have any questions. A good selection committee should have the best candidates in each category. Once you’ve established the job description, you can begin interviewing potential employees.

A successful selection committee has members from diverse backgrounds and should have a range of experience. The members of the selection committee should be knowledgeable about the position and the criteria, and should be willing to take the time to interview each candidate. This way, the selection process will be more efficient for both the candidates and the Selection Committee. A good member of the committee should be willing to meet with the applicant to discuss the position. In addition, it should be a great experience for the candidates.

The members of a selection committee should have good knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the committee. It should have an understanding of the application process and the selection criteria. They should also be able to fairly assess the candidates. They should also be able to respect the confidentiality of the applicants. When selecting a member of the Selection Committee, make sure that the member understands the purpose of the committee. They should have a basic understanding of the purpose of the process and the criteria.