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The House Select Committee on Intelligence will hold its first public hearing on 9/11 on Monday. Seven Democrats and two Republicans will take the hearing. They’ll use video, live testimony, and previously unseen documents to lay out their findings. The Proud Boys are gathered in the east quadrant of the Capitol to watch the hearings. It will be a fascinating event. Regardless of who you support, you should tune in to hear what the committee has to say.

The January 6th riot highlighted a sharp decline in congressional collegiality. If Republicans regain the House, they may turn more aggressive against Democrats. The House Intelligence Committee is currently interviewing former President Barack Obama’s uber-advisers and family members. Republicans are expected to shut down the investigation, and it’s possible they’ll retaliate by firing Biden. That’s why Republicans are making their case in November.

The hearing will also examine the role of far-right street fighting groups. The Proud Boys, who allegedly led the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol, will be scrutinized by the committee. The committee also intends to investigate the role of Qanon, an internet-born conspiracy theory group that frames the Trump administration as part of a shadow war. And even though there’s no evidence that Qanon was behind the storming of the Capitol, it’s likely that they’ll be a key player in the future.

House Intelligence Committee: Members will focus on the connection between President Donald Trump and violent extremists. They will look at Trump associates’ interactions with these groups. Their investigations are expected to be conducted using video, audio, and live testimony. Their reports will cover everything from the Trump campaign to the president’s private life. In the interim, the panel will consider the involvement of members of Congress and the pressure campaign on Vice President Mike Pence.

House Oversight Committee: The House Oversight Committee has compiled a case against President Donald Trump. It’s been gathering testimony from key players, including the president’s family. The committee’s findings include the President’s alleged attempts to bully Justice Department officials and overthrow the election in battleground states. However, he eventually pulled back after threats of mass resignations. In the end, the House Oversight Committee has uncovered a massive investigation.

Advocacy and Public Policy: The Advocacy and Public Policy Committee News Alert aims to educate and inform the ARLIS/NA membership on public policy issues and governmental activities. The aim of the alerts is to spark conversation and bring up recent issues from a range of perspectives. These reports do not represent the views of ARLIS or its leadership. They are meant to be a starting point for discussion and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any particular policy or person.