World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee will meet three times a year to select the best athletes to represent their nations at the Olympic Games. Each member of the Committee has to be a specialist in their sport and must be able to handle the responsibility of their position.

Members are selected from a variety of cricket zones around the world. Candidates are chosen from a pool of applicants, many of which have proven experience at international events, including world championships. This includes former presidents, diplomats, and other leaders from the national governing bodies. Applicants should submit their proposals to the Secretariat of the World Selection Committee, which is responsible for evaluating them and shortlisting candidates.

During meetings, committee members will discuss each candidate and rank them on a number of criteria. These include their capacity to organise a comprehensive year-long program of design events, their capacity to mobilize the wider population and how citizens will benefit from design in city planning.

The Selection Committee will also consider the D-scores of the athletes. Those who do not meet the criteria are disqualified from the Olympic Games. Additionally, they will lose their rankings in the World Team Rankings.

Athletes who do not qualify automatically for the World Championships will be considered based on their performance in other competitions, including the world ranking and their performances at national championships. As well, the committee will also evaluate the age of the athlete.

At the world championships, the top four women will be in camp for two days. One woman will be designated an alternate. In this way, the team will have six competitors and no women will remain unrepresented.

Currently, there are 11 women competing for five spots on the team. Several of these athletes, such as Katelyn Jong and Skye Blakely, are known for their competitive abilities. Some of these athletes are expected to qualify for the Olympic Team as well. Others, such as Addison Fatta and Marissa Neal, are expected to earn spots.

The selection camp will begin on Friday, 21 October. On Saturday night, the remaining women will be selected. They will compete for the final five positions on the world team. Those who do not make the team will have their scores removed from the rankings and will not participate in the three-up, three-count team final at the worlds.

Those who do make the team will head to Liverpool for the finals. The six-man team will have the tough task of trying to improve on the bronze medal they earned last fall. It is not expected to be able to challenge the reigning world powers, China and Japan.

While many of the top players from the United States have been unable to qualify for the world team, Jade Carey, a Tokyo Olympian, will be a likely contender. She was runner-up in the international competition in Paris, placing fourth excluding Kayla DiCello and McClain. Also, she has experience in both the U.S. and Japanese leagues.