World Selection Committee

How International Olympic Selection Process Works

The World Selection Committee meets once a year before the Olympics. The committee generally meets in Washington, DC; the location of the Olympic Games is chosen by the organizing committee of the games. The committee meets at the request of the National Olympic Committee. Once there, they discuss each nation s preparations for the upcoming games.

They also discuss whether there ought to be a compulsory high performance level in participating in the Olympic Games. In the US, the athletes are required to meet a certain minimum standard of performance in order to be eligible to compete in the Olympics. The World Selection Committee discusses this matter with the International Olympic Committee. The committee must make a report on each nation s progress at an earliest. This is sent to all countries participating in the Olympic Games and it is reviewed periodically after the games by the World Health Organization. The World Selection Committee makes a recommendation on whether that nation is doing enough to prepare its athletes for the Olympics.

Each nation is assessed on its preparations for the Olympic Games by the organizing committee. There are two types of inspections that the organizing committee makes. The first is before the start of the olympic games and the second is after the olympic games are over. If a nation is found to have done less than it should have for the olympic games, it is required by the organizing committee to improve its performance so that it can qualify to participate in future Olympics.

The organizing committee must give a detailed description of the progress that each nation has made since the last review. It is essential that such reports are comprehensible. For instance, a nation that did not make it to the second round of the championships should mention what went wrong and how they will improve for the next four years. Also, the olympic committees should give detailed information about the injuries that players sustained during the games. The high bar is high when it comes to judging the level of physical conditioning of athletes.

A nation that qualified last year but this time finishes fourth or lower in the tournament may receive an opportunity to improve. However, if it qualified third the only chance it has of improvement is to bring in more athletes who have not been top athletes in their country. The olympic committee also has the duty of judging the competence of sportspeople and delegating the field of athletes based on their performance. In addition, the olympic committee has to ensure that the standards of dressage, gymnastics and swimming have been improved from the previous olympics. An uneven field is an invitation to complain from the international sportspeople and complain about the bad condition of the games until the problem is resolved.

The world selection committee makes every effort to choose the best athletes for each sport. If we take cricket for example, there are six countries that qualify for the Olympics and then the remaining ten are represented by Cricket World Cup teams. It is obvious that the selection committee takes into consideration the number of players who can make it to the world cup team. If a country has qualified only one player who has made the whole team, the rest of the players must be good enough for the team. Every athlete has the right to prove that he is the best in the world.