The World Selection Committee consists of a committee of individuals who are elected for a specific purpose. The purpose of this committee is to select athletes who are prepared to participate at the Olympic Games every four years. The athletes are then sent to different countries where they will compete in sports which are related to those that were just mentioned. The committee members must be qualified people with an interest in sport, a great knowledge of the sport, a competitive nature, and knowledge of how the Olympic Games work.

World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee consists of nine members including the president of the organizing committee, the coordinating committee, and three neutral individuals who are selected by the organization. These are the president of the National Olympic Committee, the president of the International Olympic Committee, and the director of the Youth Olympic Development Fund (YESF) which is the exclusive organization that manages the development of young sportspersons and helps them achieve their goal of becoming a world champion or Olympic medal winner. Mikulak was also a member of the World Selection Committee until the time he stepped down from his post. However, he did continue to work closely with the committee until his resignation was announced at the recent World Youth Olympic Games in Dubai.

Mikulak said that all the members of the committee had an important role in the preparations for the Olympic Games. He especially mentioned how much contribution the committee members from Russia have given to the success of the Games. Russia has been one of the world’s leading sportsmen throughout the history of the Games. Mikulak especially praised the efforts of the athletes from Russia, particularly the men’s team, athletes from abroad, and all the athletes who have taken part in the preparation for the Games.

In order to be a part of the committee, an individual needs to be in good shape both physically and intellectually. Before stepping up to be a part of the committee, applicants need to pass a written test that includes two different parts. The first part consists of an exam on sportsmanship. This part will assess an applicant’s knowledge about the discipline of sport, their knowledge of the standards and rules, and the skills they have developed as a professional in their respective field of sport. The second part of the test assesses an applicant’s knowledge of the various disciplines of the discipline of sport.

The members of the committee will meet once a month to discuss the progress of the athlete, the performance of each member, and any problems or questions that may arise during the month. Each member of the committee is also required to fill out a written application that contains information about his or her athletic career, his or her goals, and his or her personal interests and priorities. If an individual is interested in becoming a member of the committee, he or she must inform the organizing committee. A person can become a member of the committee if he or she passes all the written tests.

An athlete may be selected for the committee if he meets one or more of the following requirements. The athlete should be an outstanding member of the Selectivity Committee. He or she must have excellent academic standing. The athlete must have sustained injuries that have deprived him or her from participating in competitive athletics. Finally, the athlete must agree to serve as a committee member for at least one year.