The Selection Committee has been an advisory board for the candidates running for elective office since the introduction of the Basic Laws. The Selection Committee is an ordinary election board established by the preparatory committee for electing the first Chief Executive and Provisional Legislature after the establishment of the new Hong Kong Special administrative region. Candidates may appear for election by submitting their’nomination papers’ to the Registration, Compensation and Employment Office. These papers are then categorized into different types depending on the candidacy. These are:

Candidates are required to meet the interview panel and be interviewed in public. During the interview, the selection committee members to ascertain the suitability of a candidate through a series of interviews. After interviewing the candidate, the applicant is given a time limit within which he must either accept or retract his invitation. If the candidate accepts the invitation, he is given a Notice of Acceptance which he needs to sign in front of the Selection Committee.

The interviews given by the Selection Committee help determine the candidacy of a candidate. The interviews are done through individual interviews with the candidate and the employer or his representative. In some cases where the person is unable to attend the Selection Committee interview, his written responses are drafted for the Selection Committee. However, in most cases, the written responses are not provided.

Subsequently, the review committee examines the documents submitted by the candidate and passes judgment on the candidature. The selected person then receives an invitation to attend the College Football Finals in July. The College Football Finals is one of the nationally recognised sports events in the world. The invitation is issued by the College Football Committee to be accepted by all the selected candidates. It is the duty of the Selection Committee to ensure that the people invited are people of the highest calibre.

After the interviews, the coaches select a candidate who has been invited to the college to be interviewed. The coaching staffs select the best player according to their assessment of the player’s abilities and performances during the regular matches. The selection process is formalized by a formal meeting between the candidate and the coach. The coach tells the player about the interview and the procedure to be followed after the interview. The interviewing process ensures that the best players are selected for the college football team.

In the case where there is a tie between two players, then the votes cast by the fans play a key role in the selection criteria. Candidates can get help from the university and get the required information on the interview, the procedure to be followed after the interview, and the eligibility criteria. The most important factor is the skill of the candidate. Coaches select their players based on the skills of the players and not on their looks. The University also ensures that the selected players are given proper training before the start of the season. Candidates can also register with the Selection Committee so that they can be informed about the interview dates and the criteria for being invited for the interview.