Committee News

The House Intelligence Committee has formed a friendly text chain. Members exchange birthday wishes, child’s birth announcements, and other news. Committee members are also friends outside of work. Despite the intense scrutiny the committee receives, members have time to discuss personal matters and business with one another. Members even send one another greetings on the occasion of a child’s wedding, a birthday, or other event. This friendly text chain is a great way for committee members to stay connected.

The committee helps to foster interdisciplinary dialogue between news operations. It also shares media expertise and innovations in news gathering. The committee is responsible for organizing the annual News Assembly. The objective of the gathering is to make a difference in the future of public service media and journalism. Its annual gatherings are open to journalists, media companies, and other stakeholders. The News Committee organizes the events and sets the agenda. This committee is a great source for current and upcoming news events, and it provides networking opportunities for members and the public.

The Senate has 63 members, representing various districts across the state. The members are part of a single conference or one of the major political parties. Their committee pages include the membership, schedule, and video and audio archives. Texas Legislature Online offers a searchable committee portal. Committee hearings are live streamed using the Senate Live Broadcasts website. There are many ways to stay informed about the workings of the Senate. One way to find out the latest is to subscribe to their news feed.

Professor Houssin welcomed the Committee members and reminded them of their responsibilities and roles. Committee members were reminded of their duty to disclose potential conflicts of interest and confidentiality. The members were surveyed for any conflicts of interest. There were no new conflicts since the previous meeting. All members present pledged their commitment to a constructive and transparent process. If they do not wish to disclose their conflicts of interest, the committee would not approve the agenda. A representative from the department of compliance and risk management also briefed the members on any new issues and concerns.

The PHEIC declaration should be seen as a step forward in the fight against the novel coronavirus. While it is still very early in the outbreak, it is important to recognize the efforts of China and its leaders in maintaining global solidarity and responsibility. The report should serve as a model for future efforts in addressing this emerging global threat. The Committee is happy that these efforts are being praised. There is a need to continue the discussion and to ensure that the China-U.S. relationship continues to flourish.