Committee News

The Government Oversight committee is the house’s primary investigatory body. It will be ground zero for high-profile standoffs between House Republicans and the Biden administration. In the latest example, the panel has gotten a lot of attention for its recommendation that President Trump be charged with insurrection, based on a number of violent incidents. However, the full report from the committee will be filled with bombshells.

The committee also recommended an overhaul of the 1887 Electoral Count Act. The panel also suggested an investigation into how former Vice President Joe Biden handled classified documents. Aside from the obvious, the committee’s recommendations included an inquiry into how four Republican lawmakers got their jobs.

Another noteworthy recommendation was the creation of a “working” committee to provide quarterly updates on critical initiatives. Members are currently working to develop a process for requesting consultation from a working group. They also are developing a form for members to submit requests.

On the other hand, the house did not have to wait until the end of the month to release its most important piece of legislation. The committee, which was created to investigate the attacks of January 6th, is due to expire at the end of this Congress. While no specific information was made public, the committee said that it will likely have to make its findings available to the public.

Besides the above-mentioned name, the other genuinely noticeable item is the fact that the Government Oversight committee is currently working on a “gigantic” project. Among other things, the panel will be launching investigations into the President’s personal finances, and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. This, along with the committee’s recent announcement of an upcoming study into climate change, will make it a force to be reckoned with.

The best part of the House’s newfound budget is that it will be able to pursue a number of high-profile projects. For instance, it will be able to investigate the origins of the COVID. But, more importantly, the committee will also be able to ramp up investigations into the handling of classified documents by the Biden administration.

Other notables include a number of committee members being given the honor of introducing a bill, and a couple of new members being announced. These include Rep. James Comer (who was on the Intelligence Committee under President Obama) and Rep. Lauren Boebert. Of course, there will be many more names to come.

As the first major milestone of the 118th Congress, the House has made a few important decisions that will have a lasting impact on the chamber for years to come. One thing is for sure: Speaker Kevin McCarthy has a lot of work to do to please his fellow Republicans. He will have to show that he can lead a diverse group of lawmakers to the finish line, while also keeping his own party happy.

The Oversight and Accountability committee is preparing to launch a number of important investigations into the Biden administration. While the full report from the panel will be packed with more info than most people can handle, the most significant revelation will be how the bipartisan panel managed to derail the plans of former Vice President Joe Biden.