Committee News

Committee News is a collection of news and information about the House of Representatives. It includes committee members, their schedules, agendas and other information related to committee work. It also provides links to public hearings and videos of previous public hearings.

Congress News

The House of Representatives has a number of committees that report to the speaker and are responsible for overseeing legislation. Each committee has its own charge and a member is appointed to each by the lieutenant governor. When a committee holds a public hearing, the meeting is typically open to the public.

Intelligence and Oversight

The intelligence committee is led by Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who has a reputation as a hardliner on national security issues. He has been a frequent target of Trump, who has mocked him at campaign rallies and at White House events. He has been a loyal confidant of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who often refers to him as her “man on the inside.”

Homeland and Border Affairs

The panel’s chairman is Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat. He is a veteran of the civil rights movement who has been involved in the fight against domestic extremism. He served on the Homeland Security Committee for a decade and has fought against policies that seek to restrict immigration and refugee resettlement.

Committee News: Criminal Referrals for President Donald Trump and His Attorney

The committee recommended a criminal referral to the Justice Department against former President Donald Trump and his lawyer John Eastman under statutes that make it a crime to conspire to defraud the United States. The referrals come on the heels of the committee’s release last week of recordings of conversations between Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and members of the congressional oversight committee.

In the audio files, which were obtained by CBS News, a congressional investigator pushed Flynn to testify about his involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He told the committee that he pressured military and intelligence officials to assist him in that effort.

Committee News: Legislative Recommendations

The panel recommends that the House pass legislation to require presidential candidates to disclose their financial interests in foreign countries. It also calls for a study on the impact of campaign finance laws on the integrity of elections and urges the IRS to review its practices.

Committee News: Criminal Referrals and Other Issues

The Justice Department is under pressure to act after the panel referred three former officials to federal prosecutors, a move that could help bring charges against others who are still on the books. In addition, the committee said it had gathered enough evidence to refer four members of Congress to the House ethics committee for punishment for failing to comply with subpoenas they received from the panel.