Selection Committee

Hiring Committee: How To Make It Work Effectively

Selection committees are very important to the organization. They can be as important as the CEO, or Head Recruitment Officer, or HR Lead. They often play a larger role in the employment process than others, such as an Human Resources Department. Here are some things that a selection committee does.

Selection committees are established to: assess candidate applications, to look for personality and qualifications that will help the business and achieve the company’s goals. The committee members are typically the most senior people within the business. Once a list of potential candidates has been developed, they meet several times per year. At these meetings, they discuss who may be a good fit for the job, and set a number of qualifications that must be met before any applicant is considered for hire. In some cases, they will also consider referee reports, as well as candidate evaluation reports, to help determine interview performance and determine if a candidate is worthy of being considered for a job.

A committee member can suggest hiring a candidate based on several different factors. Sometimes the selected candidate may be very qualified for the position, but the person may not have an outstanding resume, have relevant work experience, or be able to express themselves in an appropriate manner when needed. This is where the selection process actually begins. The committee members need to conduct an open dialogue with the person, and let them know what their past experiences and achievements are, and why they should be considered for the job.

Open dialog is critical to the recruitment process. If a member of the selection committee does not feel that a candidate is ‘cut out’ for the position, then that person should be eliminated from the list. Likewise, if one of the members of the selection committee feels that the majority of the resumes they receive are not qualified for the positions, that person should be eliminated from the pool of candidates. This is not an easy task, and often the entire selection process is conducted via the internet! However, if candidates can be screened effectively through an open dialogue, then the process will likely produce a more diverse set of names than just narrowing down the field through the use of job descriptions and interviews.

New members are sometimes added to the Select Committee, and these members are often asked to participate in group discussions, as well as other activities that align with the organization’s goals and missions. Through these activities, a new member will be able to understand the organization’s work goals and missions, and better understand what makes the company successful. Additionally, new members can learn how to work with other committee members, how to communicate effectively with each other, how to maintain good relationships with management, and how to become involved in the organization in a meaningful way.

The Selecting the right people for the job can be an arduous task. However, through the application process, hiring committees can eliminate many of these obstacles. While many companies do not realize the importance of selecting applicants wisely, those companies that do recognize the need to hire a qualified team will take every precaution to ensure that they hire the best person for the job. In short, it is important for the company to work closely with the hiring committee, which ensures that the right people are hired, and helps to provide a forum for dialogue within the organization.