Selection Committee

The Selection Committee for the Heisman Trophy is a highly selective group of university administrators, former coaches, and student-athletes. Its current members include two members of the College Football Hall of Fame and eight former college football players. In addition, the current group of members includes two members with head coaching experience at FBS institutions. Each member has at least one degree in a field related to his or her work.

The Selection Committee meets on a monthly basis, typically three or four times per year. Each city selects a delegate to sit on the committee. Members of the selection committee serve three or four-year terms that coincide with the terms of the city mayors. The committee is responsible for nominating candidates to required boards, such as the California Coastal Commission, and appointing city representatives to boards and agencies.

The Selection Committee reviews all applications and interviews candidates. It consists of the chairs of the Governance and Selection Committees. Each year, a subset of the Committee reads applications in mid-December and conducts first-round interviews in late January. It then selects twelve finalists. The selection committee also selects two alternates in case a candidate does not receive a scholarship.

The Selection Committee meets on the Tuesday before Selection Sunday to determine the seeds for the NCAA tournament. The committee has about five days to finalize its bracket before the bracket is released. In the meantime, conference tournaments are ongoing and the committee is closely watching college basketball. It meets again in February and announces its bracket. It also releases an in-season look at the bracket.

Both Houses have select committees that work on various topics. These committees investigate various aspects of government departments and economic affairs. Often, the results of these inquiries are made public and many require the government to provide a response. House of Commons select committees investigate various government departments, while House of Lords select committees investigate a specific current issue.