So what is a Committee News Release? A news release written to discuss current happenings (in an industry) or the future of a given industry. It’s often written for media release purposes, as well. Examples could be a business update on September twenty first. Or a news release on December first, relating to a new government program that started in January. Other examples could be the company line about what’s coming up in March, or April first.

What’s important with a news release written for release dates like september 10th or 20th is the date and the content. A news release is a good idea anytime there is an important or event-related news story. This can be related to new product releases, new trends, new government laws, new awards, etc. The release date should be clear, perhaps the same as the subject matter of the story. In case of the controversial, readers would want to know when the controversy occurred so they can have time to react or comment.

Current events are always a good topic for a Committee News Release. One can write a release covering the recent oil spill, the problems in the Middle East, the problems with autism research, new food allergies laws, the dangers of passive aggressive behavior and many more. These topics are always in demand and need to be covered. However, they can also be written for semi-related upcoming events-such as a ban on assault weapons in September, or a new environmental law starting in January.

As for industry-related topics, things change quickly. For example, a few months ago, oil was still high, and now it’s dropped. How do you keep your readers informed? First you would need to write about the subject and then link it to your site. But if your industry changes its name, or gets a new president, how will your readers know about such important information? That’s why creating your own website and RSS feed is recommended.

You may not have the knack for writing a news release, but there are some free services out there that will help you with the basics. If you’re not sure where to start, try looking up news releases from newspapers, magazines and other related websites. These sources would have their own formats and best practices, so it would make your life easier if you follow their lead.

And last but not least, make sure you set a deadline for your news release. No one wants to read an article today and have to wait a week for news about an oil spill on Sep 8th! So give yourself a deadline-and stick to it. It doesn’t hurt to have a “working date,” as well-but most importantly, stick to your news release.