The purpose of the EBU Committee News is to promote and advance the interests of news operations within the European Broadcasting Union. The members of this interdisciplinary committee discuss and develop best practices and innovations in news gathering and journalism. The committee also provides networking and collaboration opportunities for members. The members of the Committee News also develop a variety of initiatives that promote the growth of public service media and journalism.

The Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has come out harshly against the President-elect and has even called for a Trump rally to be canceled. The Republican leader knows that he needs his base of supporters to support his campaign. In addition, the House committee’s report portrays Trump as a dangerous and rogue president, which makes the Republican leadership nervous. The House committee also painted Trump as a threat to democracy.

The ASC welcomed the newly elected faculty, including Lindsay McHenry (Geosciences) and Kathy Dolan (Political Science). With this group, the committee now has a full complement of seven faculty members. During the meeting, ASC Chair M. Priem also updated the UC on recent actions, including the recent TTC process. He also outlined plans to keep an eye on the implementation of the new teaching faculty titles and monitor the impact of the changes.

The House Judiciary Committee had eight televised hearings in June and July, centered on the efforts of former President Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election and the events of the presidential election on Jan. 6, 2021. Two of the hearings were televised in prime time. They were intended to get the public’s attention.