Selection Committee

The Governing Body of the NCAA has recommended disbanding the Selection Committee. The Conference will discharge its procedural responsibilities at the opening sitting of each year, and the Selection Committee will only convene if necessary. To avoid the risk of bias, the Selection Commission should include members from the department, outside the department, and from all geographic regions. The membership of a selection committee should be as representative as possible of the designated group. Whether the committee will be comprised of a smaller group of individuals or a large panel is up to the management of the University.

The members of a selection committee usually have a range of backgrounds and skill levels. The chairperson is responsible for co-ordinating the process and recruitment. A selection committee toolkit and online training module has been developed by Human Resource Services for members of the selection committee. All chairs and members of selection committees are encouraged to attend this training annually. To ensure fairness and the integrity of the selection process, all members must participate in the training session.

As members of a selection committee, it is essential to have diversity. Ideally, a selection committee will comprise representatives of all perspectives. Members should include supervisors, peers, clients, and other key stakeholders. As members of the selection committee, they should reflect the diverse nature of the organization. By bringing diverse perspectives, the Selection Committee is able to make the best decision possible. In addition to providing diverse viewpoints, they also provide a valuable insight into the pool of candidates.

A selection committee should be diverse and inclusive. All members should have a background in the position they are working on. The selection committee chair will coordinate the selection process. The committee chair should also be responsible for recruiting candidates. The Human Resource Services team has developed an online toolkit and training module to assist all selection committee chairs and members. The Training modules are mandatory for all chairs and members of the Selection Committee. It is essential for the chair and members of the selection committee to attend annual online training sessions to remain informed.

The members of the Selection Committee should be diverse and represent different perspectives. The diversity of the selection committee will decrease the likelihood of biases. It is also necessary to ensure that the members have a varied background. It is vital to have a diverse and inclusive team, as this will enhance the pool of applicants and improve the quality of the selection process. The membership of the selection committee should be a reflection of the culture of the company and the organization.

The chair should not discuss the selection process with members of the applicant’s team. Rather, the selection committee chair should inform the applicant if a particular member has a previous conflict with the applicant. Ultimately, a person should not be biased. It is not necessary to remove the member, but the chair should ensure that the applicants are fully aware of this. When this conflict arises, the selection process will be more impartial, and the members of the Committee should not have to choose among candidates for the same position.