World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is responsible for identifying and selecting the athletes who will represent their nations in the Olympic Games. The Committee has three main responsibilities: to evaluate athletes to determine if they meet the criteria necessary to compete; to make recommendations to the International Olympic Committee; and to award prize money to the top performers.

The Committee is comprised of five members, who are experts in their sport. Each member must be knowledgeable in their sport, have a clear understanding of the selection criteria for a specific event or discipline, and be able to handle the responsibility of being on the Committee.

Traditionally, each country selected its own experts to represent them on the Selection Committee. However, in recent years the Committee has been led by a person from the governing body of each sport.

This new approach has been welcomed by many former players and cricket coaches. It also allows the selection committee to delve deeper into each individual athlete’s performance, rather than just the results of a single competition or series.

One reason for the change is the fact that some countries, such as India, have a thriving domestic cricket culture that makes it difficult to find the best athletes from outside their home country. As such, it is important that the Committee has the ability to identify the best talent from abroad.

As a result, the Committee has a significant impact on the world of sport, and it is expected to continue its work well into the future. It is hoped that the new Committee will be able to build on the success of its predecessors and ensure that the sport is well-represented at the Olympic Games.

It is believed that the change of leadership on the World Selection Committee could lead to a split-captaincy approach. This could mean that Rohit Sharma would remain captain in Test and ODI cricket, but Hardik Pandya might be the shortest format leader for the time being, with a possible 2024 T20 World Cup in USA and West Indies on the cards.

On the other hand, a more likely scenario is that the new Committee will choose a single captain for each of the formats. This is a move that is likely to be approved by the BCCI’s new Apex Council.

While the Selection Committee is often criticized for its lack of assertiveness, it remains important to note that it is the only body that can select the World Team. It is therefore crucial that the Committee be as fair and unbiased as possible in its decisions.

The World Selection Committee is currently looking for applicants to fill the vacant positions on the Committee. Interested individuals can send in their applications to the Secretary of the Committee, who will then distribute them to the entire Committee for discussion and consideration.

The last date for applications is November 28. The application process will be conducted through an online form.