A letter from the General Secretariat of the Government of India calls for all ministries to be joined-up in order to tackle a serious lack of coordination and family services at national and local level. “A strong family structure is a major strength of the Indian social security system,” the letter states. “A well-maintained family life is also crucial in preventing poverty and diseases.” The General Secretary of Indian Home here, Dr H R Puri, is quoted as saying, “In today’s world, family life is one of the key drivers of economic development. The strengthening of the family is an important element in raising a child.” Family services, the report continues, “should receive the same priority that other development activities do.”

Committee News

The report emphasizes the need for improved coordination of services at both the national and local levels. The General Secretary has been making plans for this ever-growing task. “We know that, without the basic family care facilities, many children will fail to receive the necessary nourishment and care,” he is quoted as saying. A committee has been appointed to chalk out the best way of dealing with various issues. Two key areas are the combating of child malnutrition and the promotion of better hygiene among children. Other measures are also being taken to reduce the incidence of diseases caused by unhygienic conditions and lack of cleanliness.

Other than these, the General Secretary has also been busy coordinating various activities that focus on the care of women and children. Several organizations have been set up to help women and children escape from abusive environments and get an education. One such organization is the Bharatpur NGO. This organization plans to take advantage of the government’s recent fund-raisers and create shelters for street children. Another organization working diligently on the same lines is the NGO Pushpapwa.

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