Committee News

If you are looking for Committee News, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff has been busy covering congressional hearings for the past few months. We’ve talked with a few committee members, and gotten inside information on what’s happening behind closed doors. And we’ve even heard from former White House adviser Denver Riggleman, who claims to have knowledge of a phone call between the White House and an anti-Trump rioter.

The News Committee has a diverse membership, with members from across the media industry. It facilitates collaboration and dialogue between member news operations and helps them learn new ways to make their work more effective. It also develops best practices and shares media expertise. It also helps shape the future of public service media. Here are some of the committee’s highlights:

The committee’s video presentation featured never-before-seen footage from the day of the riot. Members of Congress, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, called Pence, the Defense Department, the governors of Maryland and Virginia, and demanded the National Guard be deployed to the scene. They also said in the videos that Trump did little to prevent the rioting. The committee may also subpoena the Secret Service to testify. The president did not mention this when complaining about the committee’s work.

While the committee’s work on the Russia investigation is far from over, it is expected to be released before the midterm elections. Representative Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the committee, said that his committee expects to release an interim report in mid-October and release its final report after the midterm elections. He also said that he has not ruled out subpoenaing former President Donald Trump.

The House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack held its final hearing Thursday in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, DC. In addition to hearings, the committee is releasing new footage and testimony from members of the White House. This new evidence will help the committee lay out the full extent of Trump’s aims to remain in power after the election.

The hearing was focused almost entirely on Mike Pence. The committee argued that his efforts to pressure the vice president to overturn the election were illegal. It also argued that when Pence refused to comply with Trump’s demands, he whipped up his supporters to pressure him. In the hearing, the committee also focused on Trump’s efforts to pressure state officials to reject ballots and submit fake electors to Congress.