Committee News

Committee News is a website that reports on the business of committees in the United Kingdom. It also lists meetings and hearings for select committees, which are small groups of MPs who examine Parliamentary business in detail.

A committee is a subsidiary organization established for the purpose of considering legislation, conducting hearings and investigations, or carrying out other assignments as instructed by the Senate. It is usually led by a chairperson and meets on a regular basis.

Most committees have a secretary or other person who keeps minutes of meetings. These records are typically posted on the committee’s website, but they do not include question-and-answer sessions. In some cases, the committee may have a chairman who is responsible for running the meeting and keeping the discussion on the subject.

For most organizations, a committee is made up of members who are elected by the organization or hired for a specific job. For example, a university might have a faculty committee that considers potential research projects and makes recommendations.

A committee’s work can include analyzing and approving budgets, investigating alleged mismanagement by senior executives, evaluating the performance of employees, or other duties. It can also be involved in policy development or public affairs.

Some committees, including the House Ethics Committee, are primarily responsible for conducting internal investigations of alleged misconduct by members of Congress. Others, such as the homeland security committee, investigate national security issues.

The committee’s investigation focused on whether Trump or his associates engaged in fraud during the presidential election. It found that the campaign and the Republican National Committee raised more than $250 million in donations, based on fundraising pitches that claimed Democrats were going to “steal the election.” The pitch material was approved before it had been tested by the committee’s staff.

In a letter to the Justice Department, the committee said that Trump and his associates lied under oath to the committee in depositions and in court hearings. It also referred to 17 other findings that it said underpin its reasoning for criminal referrals. These findings include that Trump knew the claims he was pushing were false, and continued to promote them even when they were known to be untrue; that he was aware of an oath-keepers group’s emails encouraging him to announce victory on election night regardless of the results; and that he used a White House press secretary to make untrue statements during a press conference.

Another major recommendation of the committee is to bar Trump from further public office. It cites 68 meetings, attempted or connected phone calls, and text messages by Trump or his aides aimed at state or local officials. It also points to 125 social media posts by Trump or his aides targeting state officials.

Several of the Trump committee’s recommendations are intended to help prevent future problems like this from happening again. For instance, it recommends that the government not use the same voter registration databases as other countries. It should also ensure that the voting machines in the country have been inspected. It also recommends that the government create an independent body to review and approve all voting machine designs and repairs.