Committee News

Committee News is a publication that features information on House select committees and their work. It includes links to committee websites, hearing notices, and a list of committee meetings.

Select committees are small groups of MPs that examine Parliamentary business in detail. They are also the primary forum for members to make submissions and ask questions of parliamentary officers. In addition to these committees, the UK House of Commons also has caucuses, which are similar but more informal bodies.

A selection of committees, including the intelligence panel and the judiciary panel, are open to the public. Their members have been elected by the House of Commons to examine specific matters, such as terrorism or electoral fraud.

The Intelligence Committee is chaired by Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a former federal prosecutor and close confidant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He is a frequent target of President Donald Trump, and has sometimes drawn the ire of his party for his inflammatory rhetoric. He has often served as a foil to McCarthy, who has suggested that he will lose his intelligence panel seat if Republicans win the majority in November.

It is unclear whether the committee will make any criminal referrals to the Justice Department until its December meeting. But it is likely that Trump will face a charge for attempting to disrupt the transfer of power between the parties, according to members familiar with the committee’s pending investigations. The panel has already referred four top Trump associates to the Justice Department for defying its subpoenas.

As they finish their investigations, many committee members are facing personal decisions about their own futures. Some have announced they will not seek another term, while others are considering leadership positions in the House and perhaps even a run for the White House in 2024.

One of the few GOP members on the panel is former Vice President Cheney, who has become a scathing critic of Trump. She has clashed with some of her fellow Republicans on the committee, but is regarded as an outspoken defender of civil rights by many Democrats.

She has made it clear that her stance on the committee is not to be seen as an attempt to push Trump out of office. Instead, she wants to make sure that he does not have an unchecked role in reshaping American democracy and voting integrity.

While the report is expected to include an executive summary and eight chapters, it could be a much larger document than expected. It will also contain volumes of legislative recommendations to prevent future attacks and other subversions of democracy.

The report will detail the attack on the Capitol and its aftermath, as well as the financial and political trail leading to the incident. It will also describe the panel’s five investigative teams and provide a detailed breakdown of their findings.

It will also cover the role of extremism in the attack, as well as details of law enforcement failures on Jan. 6, the day of the riot.