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The House Judiciary Committee recently read messages from Trump Jr., urging him to condemn a tweet by Capitol Police. The text was sent from the number of former Texas governor Rick Perry, who also served as the energy secretary under the Trump administration. Although Rick Perry’s spokesman denied the authorship of the message, multiple sources told Committee News that the text was indeed sent from his cell phone. The message is also a sign of how far the committee is willing to go in its quest to hold Trump accountable.

As Parliamentary business grows and government becomes increasingly complex, organisations will increasingly interact with government departments and public bodies, which depends on accurate information about the decisions being made. SCN is addressing this need by supplying the Parliamentary Library edition, which is used by Members of Parliament. SCN also employs hundreds of professional journalists in the Parliamentary complex. In addition to a team of dedicated journalists, SCN is now offering online news and parliamentary research.

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Members of the Select Committee, led by Bennie G. Thompson, have asked Barry Loudermilk, a representative from Georgia, to testify. The committee is investigating the events that occurred on January 6 and has already subpoenaed Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs, and Scott Perry. As for the timeline of the hearings, they are not set and are subject to change. So, for now, stay tuned for the latest developments.

The Ways and Means Committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month. The meeting is held in a small conference room, and the roster for this week’s meetings was updated as of 04/29/2022. The Committee makes recommendations to the Chancellor, and Nigel Rothfels co-chairs the committee. Nigel Rothfels, FAA VC, has declined to do a full salary review for CGS faculty, but hopes to do so in the future. Discussions on campus thesis/dissertation requirements are ongoing, and the committee is looking forward to continuing this discussion over the summer.

Meanwhile, Steve Bannon, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Jeffrey Clark, former director of the Trump campaign, have all been held in contempt of Congress. The Justice Department is investigating the cases against them, but they say that they were simply following the President’s orders. Despite this, Trump is claiming executive privilege. The Committee, however, continues to make recommendations on the global response to this epidemic. With its ongoing investigation, the Committee is a leading voice in international affairs.