Committee News

Committee News Is disseminated By Email

The Committee News is a monthly periodical which brings to the public the information about matters that are occurring within, or involve, the offices of United States Congressional committees. This publication is available from Congressional committee websites and from news offices at the US House and Senate. Information is delivered through short reports that include background on the event, personal insights into the committee’s actions, and recommendations for action. The contents of this newsletter have been derived from a database that contains hundreds of thousands of items, some of which are not in the public domain. A good representative of the information may be able to assist the public in locating missing items.

Subscribers of this newsletter can expect to find topics ranging from politics and social issues to technology and legislation. Government and legal issues, such as the workings of Congress and the courts, are also included. News about pending legislation and debates in the House and Senate, environmental issues, labor and employment, immigration, and religious and social issues are also available.

Committee News is sent to the members of Congress by email. However, if the reader prefers to receive it as a news letter, the addresses can be sent by fax, regular mail, or by courier. It is sent twice a month, usually in the beginning and the middle of the month, and can be ordered by contacting the office directly. The cost varies depending on what information will be presented and the frequency of delivery. Some information is offered for free; other information is available on a subscription basis.

It is important to note that not all news letters or publications are intended for the general public. For example, a news letter regarding the performance of an individual member of Congress is sent to his or her staff, rather than the general public. It is also sent to members of Congress that are considered more influential than others. In these cases, it is necessary to provide formal authorization, through the Clerk of the House and Senate, before such news letters can be distributed.

Once a news letter or publication has been issued to members of Congress, their aides are required to promptly reply. There is no expectation that the aide will make any attempt to provide helpful information. However, most members find that they receive valuable and relevant information, which they regularly use. Members who take advantage of the newsletter and/or publication are generally more likely to pass along helpful information to other members of Congress, helping them keep abreast of industry trends and developments.

It is also important to note that there is generally a deadline for responding to news letters or publications. Newsletters and publications may be circulated prior to a Members’ Day ceremony, or on a later date. Responses are expected to be received within thirty days. If there is an exception, the matter must be addressed to the Managing Editor.