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The House Intelligence Committee has announced it will hold public hearings in September. Until then, the panel will conduct an investigation behind closed doors. During a recent appearance on a Sunday talk show, members discussed possible investigative routes. They referenced interviewing Trump campaign officials, Secret Service officials, and cabinet officials.

The House Oversight Committee is moving back into investigative mode in the coming weeks. The committee will spend the month of August gathering new information, and will convene further hearings in September. The hearings have the potential to shift public opinion. The results of the January 6 hearings have led to more Republicans believing that Trump lied about the election results, and a greater number of independents considering it a threat to democracy.

Representatives from both parties are weighing in on the debate. Some Democrats are calling for Trump to step down, but others are not convinced. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will both have to stand up for their party. A spokesman for the White House has confirmed that both parties are working to get the election results right, but the Republicans are still trying to keep it from happening.

On the other side, the House Judiciary Committee is holding its final public hearing this summer. The focus will be on the 187 minutes between the Ellipse speech and Trump’s video statement. The president’s failure to call an end to the Capitol riot is a major question mark. The committee has accused the president of being at the center of a conspiracy.

There is a lot of news about the Jan. 6 attack, but few details are known. A House select committee investigating the incident held eight public hearings in July and June, but is already planting the seeds for the September reaping. And while the investigation continues, new details continue to be dangled to the public.