Committee News

Committee News

Committee News is an online informational web site, which offer members of Congress, political campaign staff, political bloggers, media, and others with timely up-to-date news on pending events. The site features many links and bullet points to various newsworthy topics. It also offers a “What’s New” section with a list of significant new happenings on the political calendar. The site organizes major political events by Democratic and Republican committees.

Committee News continually updates its content and adds new links on a regular basis. The site is easy to navigate, with categories such as” Congressional & Campaign Strategy”, “Leadership in Politics & Government”, and “Electoral College Health.” Each category has subcategories that further narrow down the topic and provide additional information on links. There are also sections that focus on different segments of the political spectrum, such as Leadership in Education, Labor & Employment, Environment, Energy, Consumer Protection, and a few topical areas, such as International News.

Candidates for public office frequently use Committee News to solicit donations and inform potential voters about their positions, qualifications, and history. The site also offers its Political Scorecard, which measures the effectiveness of candidates as it compares their proposals with those of the opposing party. Candidates can search for local events by geographic region, political party, district, seat, and even by name.

Candidates can save news articles they have written for future reference. There is a Search tab on the left-hand side of the home page, where candidates can specify what they are looking for. The site provides a large archive of past issues, along with biographical data. Candidates can read other candidate contributions and view summaries of campaign speeches and written material. Candidates can also find helpful links to help locate committee members who might be interested in their campaigns.

A news feed is available for commenting on other candidates’ news and announcements. Candidates can subscribe to an RSS feed through the Feed Reader, or through an email that alerts them whenever a new post is published. Candidates can search the forum for other relevant posts and comments.

Committee News was launched in 2021, with a small staff and only a few news items on the first day. Since then, the site has expanded rapidly, adding new news items on a regular basis. The growth has been helped by a large number of statewide and national newspapers that have picked up the newsletter and published their own news items. In addition, several television news shows have also picked up the service.