World Selection Committee

Colette Phillips and Sara Farris Are World Class Leaders

The World Selection Committee meets once every year to review the status of nuclear weapons and potential nuclear weapons candidates. This committee is very important, as it oversees the production and supply of various weapons around the world. The purpose of this committee is to ensure that the agency is doing everything possible to keep the world safe from any potential nuclear proliferation risks. The WSC makes these recommendations in an attempt to strengthen the United Nations and to strengthen world security and stability.

The World Selection Committee members are generally elected for a four-year term by the IAEA’s board of directors. At least one member of this committee must be a world class Olympic athlete and must have had significant experience in nuclear weapons matters. This is to ensure that the IAEA has a wide range of members who are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of performance by its nuclear agencies. This committee is made up of six individuals who meet these qualifications. These individuals are the Secretary-general of the IAEA; the Vice Chair of IAEA; the Permanent Secretary-general of the IAEA; the National Olympic Committee (NCO) president; the National Security Agency (NSA) director; and the Olympic Sports Federation (OSF) president.

In August of this year, Colette Phillips was chosen to be the first woman ever to represent the United States in the Olympic Games. Phillips is an attorney and the former president of Northeastern University, one of the nation’s leading public colleges. She will be making her mark as one of America’s foremost female leaders.

There is no doubt that Colette Phillips will bring a new level of leadership to the organization that she has been proud to be a part of for many years. The selection of gymnast Sara Farris to represent the United States at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a huge step forward for women’s sports in this country. Ms. Farris is a four time all-around gymnastics champion and a four-time all-around team member at Northeastern University.

Colette Phillips and Sara Farris are two huge names on the roster for the Women of the Olympic committee. Amongst all of these strong figures, none will command the level of respect and admiration that they do. In August of last year, Sara Farris was given the “GCSE Gold Medal” which is given to the highest scoring individual at the world level. It is a tremendous feat for a young woman, who only has been training for about 6 months, to achieve this.

As the head of a nationwide network marketing company, I am excited to be a part of this historic committee. Every national association will be represented this year. As Colette Phillips and Sara Farris are two people who have been respected and revered within the gymnastics community, it is my hope to add another title to their trophy case. They have both worked tirelessly for the opportunity to be a part of this team and I look forward to watching them shine during their very successful career.