World Selection Committee

Coaching in the World Selection Committee

The World Selection Committee is quite busy these days. Just recently they had selected thirty-two teams to represent the United States in the World Selection Committee Annual Meeting. The initial step is to win the World Series once for the U.S. Women’s Professional Softball Team.

Now, what about the World Selection Committee for the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC)? Well, I am not sure if anyone from Massachusetts is on the World Selection Committee or not. I know one woman from Massachusetts on the Executive committee and she happens to be a national baseball executive as well. I was talking to her about this and she indicated that she did not know anything about the Selecting the World Team Program. In other words she may be an effective leader, but she does not know anything about the inner workings of a world-class softball program.

When you get connected to the World Selection Committee it is a gold mine of information. You can find out about the team, coaches, training methods, developmental drills and even the travel arrangements for the events. You will be able to also find out the dates for the different events as well.

Now lets go back to the subject of the Massachusetts World Series win last year by the Lancers. It appears that USA Softball has hired the services of a Boston Based Team trainer/sports consultant. Is it a coincidence that two cities with a lot of Lancers in their midst reside in Massachusetts? If so why not use this connection to get connected to the Selection Committee as well as the Executive Coach for the Massachusetts Lancers?

Now then let’s come back to the subject of the New England World Series Championship Series win last year by the Boston Massachuettes. The selection committee is led by Bobbach. This is the same Bobbach who is the strength coach for both the GA Southern High School Activities Association and the Waiakea High School Activities Association. I find it hard to believe that someone in a sports management role would leave one of those organizations to join a national team coaching job. I certainly do not see a connection between that and the fact that the founder of that company happens to be from Massachusetts. Then there is this interesting tidbit:

The World Selection Committee seems to be all about optics when it comes to their selection process. Why should they be any different with the new Boston team? Why not just hand the job off to some local kid with experience? Maybe I am missing something here, but if the selection committee believes they need the optics of a world-class softball camp facility, why not just get connected?