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There is a strong possibility that Mr. Trump will be indicted for obstruction of justice. The House Intelligence Committee has received more than 45,000 documents to review, including text messages from the former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. However, some Republicans have been quick to dismiss these documents and have even threatened to sue the committee if the subpoenas are withdrawn. Moreover, the structure of the proceedings resembles that of a criminal prosecution in a court case.

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Despite its name, House Republicans have yet to release their report on the attack on the Capitol. The report is expected to focus on security failures at the Capitol. If Republicans win the House in November, they may release it. If not, this report could be a good way to gauge the level of concern about the attack on the Capitol. This is one of the most important hearings in recent history, and one that’s worth watching. While the committee is not complete yet, it’s already generating a steady stream of headlines and revelations.

The final report on the Trump-Russia investigation will be released in late September or October, well before the November midterm elections. The report will include many details not covered during the hearings, and will also make policy recommendations aimed at preventing similar interference in future elections. Members of the panel have also left the door open for criminal referrals, which could help prevent a further disruption of the peaceful transfer of power. It will also contain details of the investigation that the President’s legal team was not able to reveal.

The House Intelligence Committee is set to hold hearings on the Trump-Russia investigation. The committee is expected to include recordings and live testimony from former White House officials. Ivanka Trump is a likely candidate for inclusion during future hearings, and the committee is expected to include recorded testimony from her family. Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, is the vice chair of the committee and will outline the broad scope of the investigation.