Selection Committee

A Selection Committee is a group of individuals charged with reviewing applications for a particular position. They are responsible for evaluating the candidate and making recommendations to the hiring manager. They are also expected to keep their deliberations confidential. A Selection Committee should be diverse in order to provide different perspectives and minimize the likelihood of bias. The members of a Selection Committee may be supervisors, peers, clients/customers, or other individuals who understand the responsibilities and requirements of the position.

The selection committee has the responsibility to evaluate all candidates against the criteria that are outlined in the job description, and to recommend the best candidate for the position. They should consider the experience, qualifications, and suitability of the applicant in light of those criteria, as well as any additional factors that are pertinent to the role. They should discuss their recommendations with the delegated authority before making a final decision.

To avoid any conflicts of interest or bias, it is essential for the chairperson to coordinate the process, typically with help from local or central human resource staff. They are also responsible for ensuring that all committee members complete the Selection Committee Chair Training online module before the start of the recruitment process.

It is important for a Selection Committee to meet frequently and make decisions in a timely manner. They should also be able to work effectively as a team, and be supportive of each other’s efforts. Finally, it is critical that the Selection Committee is enthusiastic about their role and able to perform their duties with utmost objectivity.

If the Selection Committee believes that a member’s prior conflict of interest or commitment will prevent them from being able to make an objective decision with respect to the candidate, the chair should discuss with the member an appropriate course of action, in keeping with the department’s conflict of interest policy. If necessary, the chair should recommend to the delegated authority that the member be replaced.

Ideally, the Selection Committee should be diverse in order to offer the best mix of perspectives and expertise. The composition of a Selection Committee may vary by honor and APS unit, or may be defined in the APS unit’s bylaws.

The Selection Committee is comprised of international experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the research and development of vaccines, drugs, diagnostics and digital health. They are able to review and evaluate award proposals and reports submitted by applicants, and recommend research projects for funding to the Board of Directors.

Each candidate must be considered on the basis of the materials contained in their dossier. The Selection Committee will evaluate the dossier for completeness, clarity and the ability to describe the candidate’s experiences and skills in a clear and concise way. The Committee will then evaluate the candidate’s fit with the University, and the potential to contribute to the success of the Unit. If the Selection Committee is not satisfied with the dossier, it will recommend that the application should not be approved.