Committee News

An Introduction to Committee News

Committee News is a monthly professional web site providing members of Congress, campaign staffers, candidates for office, and many others with timely news on upcoming events. You’ll find a plethora of topics and subtopics here covering everything from new legislation to the best practices of politicians. No matter what issue is on your mind, you are certain to find relevant information here. For example, if you’re concerned about the recent developments in the Middle East, you’ll find plenty of material on the latest developments. If health care is an important issue in your life, you’ll find plenty of helpful material as well.

Members and campaign staffers find this site valuable for many reasons. For one thing, it is the only news source that offers real-time information on Capitol Hill. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) told me that he relies on Committee News to keep him informed on what is going on with his home state’s ongoing politics. According to him, “I read through a few different articles every day and there is very little else out there like it.”

Committee News features several original investigations that span both Houses and the Senate. The site’s archives offer more than two hundred pieces of news and information about government. You will find breaking news stories about the White House, the military, politics, religion, health care, education, immigration, labor, the environment, media, international affairs, sports, education, business, technology, law, finance, commuting, and a myriad of others. If you need breaking news on any other topic, the site has detailed information for that topic.

In addition to the news section, the site provides diary posts for those who choose to keep a diary. Diary posts are usually between fifteen and twenty minutes long. They can talk about recent happenings on the Hill or personal experiences. The subjects range from work issues to travel experiences. The most popular diary topics seem to be food related (Diary of a Food Basket), political, health care, and entertainment.

Besides the diary sections, the site offers a number of political forums. These forums cover a wide array of different political issues. Members can join the site without signing up. Visitors can also search for forums by specific topic or registering with a specific identification number.

Committee News brings you the latest news and information about both Houses. To find out if a member of Congress is up for an appointment, the site allows members to access profiles and information about upcoming hearings. The site brings the information directly to members so they can make their own decisions and vote. In addition to news and information, the site’s Politics section gives you plenty of information on the latest trends in national and local politics.