Selection Committee

An Interview With the Selection Committee

If you are an MBA student and have just passed your MBBS, you may have heard from your Selection Committee that you are required to fill in a feedback form after every examination. However, did you realize that your feedback is very important and can help your career? Your feedback helps evaluate your performances in the field and help you improve. In this article, we will discuss what to do if your Feedback has been declined.

The first step is to send a letter to the Selection Committee politely informing them that you have filled in the feedback questionnaire and would like your views on the feedback received. Let them know that you have sent the completed questionnaire and would like your comments and suggestions for improvement. In most cases, candidates who are short listed for a particular position do not get the opportunity to hear from the Selection Committee. By providing your feedback on the website, you can possibly make your candidature more competitive.

Beforehand, do your homework and understand the Selection Criteria. You can then prepare for the interview questions which will help you answer the Selection Criteria. After the interview, you should inform the Selection Committee so they can assess whether you met the requirements. In some cases, you might even be asked to meet a Candidate Conducting Officer (PCO) or a Chief Executive Officer (CCO) so you can clarify any points of confusion regarding the selection criteria.

Once you have met the Selection Criteria, you need to let the Selection Committee know that you are a successful candidate for the job. Most of the times, the Selection Committee is comprised of two to four candidate representatives and they receive feedback directly from the candidate. You can even conduct a successful candidate interview if you approach the Selection Committee members personally.

Your success in the interview gives you an advantage over other applicants. It also helps you in short listing the candidate and gives you a chance to discuss the role more intimately with the selected candidate. Most of the times, candidates conduct an interview online, but it does not mean that it is not important to be interviewed in person. Conducting an interview online allows you to keep the information in electronic form and it ensures that you can take part in the Selection Committee meeting online.

Another method of conducting an interview is to conduct a round table interview where you can discuss things in detail with all the candidate selected for the position. In this type of discussion, you can address key issues such as your previous accomplishments and what skills and capabilities you can bring to the role. You can also answer questions about the job description and what the employer expects from an employee. With this, you can get the positive response you need from the Selection Committee so you can be chosen for the role.