If you’ve been following Congress, you’ve likely heard of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Currently, this group consists of seven Democrats and two Republicans. The hearing will use video and live testimony to lay out its findings, along with previously unseen material. Proud Boy protesters are already assembling outside the Capitol to voice their displeasure. It’s a time to take a closer look at what the committee is up to.

The MSC has a number of responsibilities, including ensuring that valid claims are dealt with through civil proceedings and the Company’s compensation scheme. It also ensures ongoing cooperation with relevant investigations to protect the rights of all parties. The MSC also has the authority to conduct internal investigations and directs News UK personnel to cooperate with these investigations. It also ensures that relevant documents are preserved. The news and media industries are closely linked and the work of the Committee is essential to a healthy society.

While the House Intelligence Committee is focused on the Trump campaign and his associates, the hearing is expected to delve into Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian government. Its investigation will use a combination of video, audio, and live testimony from the Trump administration and his family. There are reports of Ivanka Trump’s appearance in future hearings. Committee chair Bennie Thompson and Republican member Liz Cheney are planning to lay out the broad scope of the investigation and discuss what steps they should take to protect the American public.

In addition to the allegations against Trump, the report outlines the ties between members of his administration and right-wing militia groups. One of the top officials of the Trump campaign was linked to the Oath Keepers, a right-wing group that urged violent extremists to march to state capitols. Meanwhile, another Trump adviser, Katrina Pierson, had connections to right-wing extremist groups and supported amplifying their voices.

On Tuesday, the House Select Committee on the Trump campaign’s alleged involvement in the Capitol riot held in March, is holding a seventh public hearing. This hearing will focus on how violent extremists tied to the Trump White House and influenced the attack. Nikole Killion, a congressional correspondent, provides a sneak peek of what will unfold during the hearing. The hearing will also focus on Trump’s claims of collusion in the Electoral College and certification.