As the 2023 world championships approach, USA Gymnastics tries to finalize its team in Katy, Texas. While Olympic gold medallist Simone Biles is nearly guaranteed a spot on the squad, the remainder of the team will be decided this week at the world selection event. Tokyo Olympians Jade Carey and Jordan Chiles are in the running, but both need to produce top-three results this week to ensure their spots on the squad for next month’s competition in Belgium.

Similarly, 2022 world vault champion Joscelyn Roberson needs to deliver on Friday and Saturday to make the cut. She has a strong chance of making the squad based on her top-five averages this year and her recent strong showings at the national vault championship. The final two spots will likely be awarded to Sky Blakely and Amelia Disidore. Both are excellent on bars and beam, but Blakely’s stronger all-around scores at the selection camp could earn her a spot on the team if she can continue to improve.

The committee’s work and deliberations are confidential. In accordance with the conference’s rules of procedure, it is forbidden for candidates to contact or engage in direct communication with Selection Committee members during the evaluation and discussion process. Candidates may only contact the Secretariat for information and support during this time.

IMFC’s decision-making procedures are designed to promote free and open discussion in a collegial and constructive atmosphere, as well as to ensure that the full range of member views are taken into account. To achieve these objectives, the committee operates by consensus and works in a spirit of good faith, impartiality, and mutual respect.

The Committee advises the Boards of Governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on critical development issues. Its mandate is to help developing countries gain access to the financial resources they need for economic development. In addition to its traditional focus on finance, the committee has broadened its scope to include trade and global environmental matters.

The committee is composed of 25 members, usually ministers of finance or development, who represent the full membership of the Bank and the Fund. It operates by consensus, and the chair of the committee is selected by its members. The responsibilities of the chair are to set the agenda, remind the committee members of their obligations and take the votes. The chair is also responsible for preparing the citation and certificate, which will be sent to the officers approving the recommendation of the committee. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that the confidentiality of its deliberations is respected.